Hamdard Center for Health and Human Services in Edgewater

Paper and fabric collage

Participating Artists – Raheema Bhlim, Zarina Biejis, Razia Khan, Zebun Nisa, Fatma Nazir Weldmgwala, Shah Zadi

Teaching Artist – Victoria Martinez

Special thanks to Arun Chander for translation.  

Women in Hamdard Center’s senior day program created a soft installation based on memory. The group reflected on childhood events, relationships, family, and cultural heritage based in their home countries, India and Pakistan. Each participant wrote in her native languages Hindi (India) and Urdu (Pakistan) and expressed insights by remixing shapes and scraps of vibrant paper. The stories include memories of going on nature hikes with siblings, participating in athletic teams and listening to marital advice in order to maintain cultural traditions. The collages are featured in and around saris, which are traditional outer garments worn as skirts, draped over shoulders, or covering the head. The teaching artist purchased the textiles in the Edgewater community, where the center is located. The teaching artist practices soft sculpture installation and discovers items at thrift stores near sites where installations are conceived or will be placed. Her inspiration was to connect the groups’ vision with fabrics from a nearby location in order to sustain the cultural authenticity of their memories.