Haeley Kyong

In Pursuit of Invariable
acrylic on wood
20 x 20 in., 12 x 12 in., 16 x 16 in.

I am inspired by my lifetime passion for color and form and have created a series of abstract painting where simple paint and gesture reveal experience and emotion.

In my painting, I am looking for symbolic images in the simple geometric system, aiming at a configuration in meaningful composition. Simplification through the elimination of all extraneous information constitutes plainness. It may be mute, but I aim at drawing attention to its expressiveness that lies in this very silent order.

The creation of art is to be analytical of oneself and entails a critical approach to problems of today. In this world overflowing with confusing circumstances and inner turmoil, one seeks the truth that is invariable.

© Haeley Kyong