Mara Krumins

mixed media collage on canvas

I received a MBA and began my career as a bond analyst and loan syndicator for a major international bank. Seven years later my passion for art and creating took over and I left the industry to pursue a career in metalsmithing.

I am primarily a self-taught artist who uses my intuitive style to capture the world in my imagination. I love to create – so much so, that I find it difficult to confine my ideas to one medium.

As a jeweler/bookbinder/photographer/sculptor/
collage and assemblage artist, I enjoy taking elements of various disciplines and finding ways to incorporate them into a final piece. I love to experiment! I frequently put elements together unplanned, almost like puzzle pieces, until it looks just right. The choice of a particular material is often the motivation for the design a specific piece. I find beauty in found objects, other people’s trash, hardware elements, and everyday items. I like to combine textures with smooth surfaces, patterns with each other, organic forms with geometric elements and the usual with the unexpected.

My best work is achieved through the happenstance discovery of a new technique or just a different way of looking at something familiar. The main focus of my creative process is to have fun and let my thoughts and emotions flow out into each piece.

© Mara Krumins