Victoria Kowalczyk

A Day With Ray

When I work with oils it allows me to express feelings and emotions that I am unable to find with words. The layers and the depth that I am able to create with paint helps me to uncover and reveal moments in life which are sometimes moments that I do not want to face. This series of paintings has helped bring closure to an unfortunate year.

My greatest influence is the simplicity of nature and the effect it has on the human spirit. The colors that I use are dark, but there are traces of warm colors that represent the other side of joy and happiness. I start each painting with flat solid color and the brush takes me into the painting like a pen to paper. I fill up the canvas with layers that are motions created by my brush – it becomes natural. Through the developmental process, the artwork emerges into undefined images of shapes and lines; they are unexpected, but intentional. Each painting represents a vision in my mind, not one that is in picture form but a vision of emotions.

© Victoria Kowalczyk