Fran Sampson

Combined Separation
acrylic paint on cardboard packing material
5 x 9 x 1.5 in

“I am a mixed media abstract painter. I use shapes, line, color, brush strokes, collage material, and texture to reference not only the randomness of life on a quantum level, but also the very human longing for connection in this indifferent universe.”

Fran Sampson has shown at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Koehnline Museum of Art, ARC Gallery, Gallery Studio Oh, Woman Made Gallery, Bridgeport Art Center, and throughout the Chicago area.

Curator Review of Fran Sampson’s work: An impression of locomotion and relativity has been created in this painting (Cycles), by the placement of circles and lines against the layered background. This incredibly seamless and coherent expression of equilibrium, invites the observer to look ‘through’ the paint and conveys a great sense of depth and order. Artist Fran Sampson has aptly crafted an extraordinarily dimensional and cohesive work, and should be applauded for her articulate expression of motility in art.
E.E. Jacks
Curator of Apero Fine Arts Catalog
April 2019 Movement Edition

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