Elzbieta (Elka) Kazmierczak

I Wish She Was Dead
artist’s book of poems and collages, stab binding, hand-sewn
10 x 6 in.

I focus on the emotional realities of the survivors of violence and abuse. My linocuts and artist’s books depict the disturbing emotional reality of oppression. They express the meaning of what it is to be raped, violated, and ignored. They are about embodiment of trauma and what it does to the mind, feelings, emotions and the self. My work is also about recovery and rebuilding — the opportunity to create one’s own freedom through emotional healing, including my own. I have combined printmaking with quilting to evoke rich traditions of feminine craftsmanship that bring the sense of domesticity, intimacy and nurturing to the dramatic visual narrative.

© Elzbieta Kazmierczak