Elena Katsulis + Erin Peisert

Untitled (with flour)
performance; duration approx. 45 min.

Our performance work relies on collaboration, both with a performance partner as well as with the engagement of the audience. The actions chosen are often in conjunction with a concept that is based on human relationships, and how our actions are validated through the company of others. Untitled (with flour), combines the simple action of continually tracing one’s body with the help of another, creating a long line of both personal and generic representations of our marks as human beings. The flour, laid with a small gardening shovel, leaves the trace of our silhouettes, one that will eventually blow away or be disrupted by weather or foot traffic and disperse back into the earth from which it originally sprouted.

Elena Katsulis and Erin Peisert both graduated from Columbia College Chicago, focusing on visual media, theater, and performance. As a duo they have blossomed through their shared exploration of human relationships and the social factors that influence such experience.

© Elena Katsulis and Erin Peisert