Whitney Huber, David Follmer, Elizabeth Moretti

A Human Trafficking GeoTimeline (installation)

‘A Human Trafficking GeoTimeline’ is a 3-way collaboration including Whitney Huber (artist/researcher), David Follmer (programmer), and Elizabeth Moretti (artist/researcher), who will help focus on the link to organizations outside of the gallery throughout the duration of the show).

Human trafficking — the trade, abduction, or coercion of people for the purposes of forced or exploitative labor, including sexual exploitation — is one of the oldest forms of abuse of power. Despite the 2000 United Nations Conventions Against Transnational Organized Crime, trafficking is “widespread and growing,” and is perpetrated against the most vulnerable members of the world community, particularly women and children.1

The sale of human beings remains one of the top three forms of international crime. Yet, the issue appears largely invisible within developed countries. Strategies to educate the public, prevent trafficking and rehabilitate victims are complicated by the lack of clarity and consistency in available information.

This project is an interactive website that serves as a visual timeline and interactive housing of information on human trafficking from all kinds of sources. In re-presenting this information in visually accessible and interactive forms adaptable to contexts beyond the space of the gallery, we hope to link with organizations working on the issue, reach new audiences and create new avenues for discussion, action and global responsibility.

© Whitney Huber, David Follmer, Elizabeth Moretti