Eileen Wallach

Untitled (517)
acrylic on canvas
48 x 47 in.

Attending a woman’s Spiritually gathering about 15 years ago, I was asked to find something from the earth and then create art from it. My painting career began at this pivotal point. Prior to this the many internal powers I had within myself, where becoming entrapped and very destructive in my life. It was after reaching down and touching the earth, I believe the true connection to my tribal desert spirit took place.

My painting usually starts with a color idea, bold contrast and a multitude of lines. They are hard and soft or sexy and frigid. My paintings are the fuel consumption of all my personal feelings, thoughts and powers. One painting can consume hours of self-meditation and that is why I only create one piece at a time. There is a powerful connection between the canvas and me. I invite the people drawn to my work to touch it, engross themselves in to the power that excites them. Many viewers say they feel the healing and positive energies that come from my intense paintings; which are created with several thousand dots.

© Eileen Wallach