Dorothy Straughter

Pathology of Truth Collection: Massa Gone / Sambo Valentines (2019)

Through triumphs and tribulations many genetically defined groups culminating in only one human race garnered a troubled relationship resulting in a dynamically appalling and inexcusable past. This provocative approach presenting racist stereotypical advertisement depicting African Americans in demeaning caricature spawned great migrations and is part of the American historical landscape. Tapestries illustrate true forms of racism that are repulsive, hideous, and disgusting. Yet they show the strength of a people who through innovation and ingenuity endured through to produce inventions that changed American life.

These quilts place historical truth on display in provocative form so that the conversation on relationships affected by race has to take place. The goal is to examine the genetic pain wrought by these truths, purge the pain and move toward the psychological healing of America.

© Dorothy Straughter