Doina Iacob

Termination (2020)
digital painting
20 x 15 in.

My painting aims to illustrate the struggle, the pain, the LOSS, the judgment of some, and, also, the psychological implications an abortion may have.

In this work, the woman is symbolically crucified for her “sins”- the original sin and the other one, condemned by most religions, the sin of abortion. In a complete gesture of abandonment, she stretches her arms and spreads the ashes of the babies never born. The ashes then mix with the stellar prey, in a metaphor that transforms the soul of unborn children into eternal lights in the sky. Every detail in this painting is connected to the idea of ​​conception (top left), judgment (gray light coming from above), punishment (lightning from top-right), and the psychological struggle (the ​​fire consuming the symbolic cross on which the woman is crucified).

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