Ann Huang

The Pines of Spring
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THE PINES OF SPRING is about the feeling of nostalgia after the experiences of passion, love, neglect, and loss. The film has a dream-quality reality and meshes with our unconscious self surrounded by life’s serendipity and predestination. In a grander sense, it meshes with humanity through the lens of out-of-body experiences and varied perspectives of femininity.

The experimental film is comprised of the essence of my original poems published within the past two years through various international literary publications. While producing the film, I strived to create visuals reminiscent and celebratory of Maya Deren’s immemorable short film, MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON.

If our conscious self is about our love in beauty, our subconscious self is our love in ourselves. Thus, our unconscious being is our love in collectivity.

My mother passed away in December 2019 followed by my mentor and now the ensuing pandemic of COVID-19.

I want to contribute this film to the very heightened cause of humanity.

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