Patricia Izzo

Soldier My Soldier (2015)
black and white photography
20 x 16 in. (final edition)

Loss….there is always a portion that becomes a part of you that time cannot erase, in all honesty it is as important as any other aspect of you, the truest you.

I lost my fiance while he was training in Vietnam. I loved him completely and still do to this very day. I learned what love meant the day he died. It was forever and it was a lesson in how to love.

As time went by, I learned to love again, but never would anyone take his place completely. This fine art film photograph is my tribute to him and all who have lost loved ones in war. His flag and my heart are one, when his young life ended, mine was forever changed to carry the acute knowledge of how precious life truly is.

“War…what is it good for…absolutely nothing.” -Edwin Starr

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