Debra Tomson Williams

Plaid Pants
rubber stamps, pastel, acrylic paint, carbon transfer, paper

I am interested in intimacy. I am interested in the intimacy that is possible between an artist and a viewer through a work. I am interested in the intimacy that arises from creating in a small format. I am interested in intimacy (or the absence of it) as subject matter. I try to collaborate with my materials, to follow them where they lead. Through the process of my creating, I arrive at the content of my artwork, rather than beginning with it.

I have a fine arts degree, but I work in an office full time to earn money. To earn self-respect, I am beginning again. And I’m starting small – with color and texture and pattern. I am allowing myself to create without the restrictions inherent in agenda and audience. I’m interested in the adventure of creating, not in “being known”. When I have fully reconnected with what making means, then maybe I can think about making something big. Until then, small. Very small gestures of life.

© Debra Tomson Williams