Danielle Lavetta Burbach

Inter(per)ception of Light 2
watercolor on Arches
30 x 22 in.

I am fascinated by the rich history of humans’ participation in experiences where an altered state of consciousness leads them to a new insight about the world. Yoga, meditation, martial arts, psychoactive drug use, and spiritual or mystical experiences create such states of mind where humans can objectively contemplate their own worldview. I delight myself in the idea that the process of creating can be such an altered state of perception, and that viewing art can alter a person’s perception as well.

My paintings are grounded in my interest in the visual experience, the space between object and viewer where personal interpretation is dictated by the physiological experience of the eyes and the psychological perception of the mind. I create experiential compositions that utilize such optical devices as obsessive pattern, color gradation, and eidetic imagery. This is done to draw the eye’s attention, but also allows for a contemplative experience for the viewer; whether on the painting, or on life itself.

I use pure colors in reference to reflected or refracted light, the all important factor in visual perception. The scale is ambiguous; it could be perceived as an individual microcosm or an encompassing macrocosm. Color, light, and pattern are organically repeated within a structured composition, allowing my process to become meditative, much like creating a mandala. For me, the act of creating becomes a contemplative experience where I lose a sense of ego and just am. I offer my work for viewers to do the same.

© Danielle Lavetta Burbach