Cynthia Winika

Surfin’ Bees
encaustic, bees, oil on wood panels

Rosendale Ice
encaustic, mixed media on woodboard
24 x 17 x 3 in.

I have always been attracted to the saturation, sensuality, and mysterious veiled quality of beeswax based paintings; especially the Fayum mummy portraits. Painting, doing collage work, and printmaking, combined with the use of encaustic technique allows me a way of invigorating and combining these processes. This has led to my current work. I love the way I can subdue or clarify an underlying work by varying the number of wax applications. Layering with encaustic medium, scribing and filling incisions with oil paint to give a dry point look, creating multi-level, layered collage allows me to create a depth under my surface with an archeological quality, expressing the history of the process.

© Cynthia Winika