Cherry Rahn

Breathing Space, Front Door Gallery (2020)
acrylic on canvas
18 x 24 in. | $400

When things shut down, most of my paintings were scheduled to be in two shows, one starting in April, one in May. They went from almost total “exposure” to zero exposure to others. I put them all away out of sight and decided to work out of the present moment, and to present the work on my front door. I wanted to connect with, amuse, startle, engage, encourage the mailman, the neighbors, the walkers, the passing drivers, with the unusual sight of an actual painting hanging on the outside of our yellow front door. I’ve had comments by email from neighbors, honks from cars that pause to look. The painting is changed once a week, brought in at night. During the day it is exposed to a bit of snow, rain, birds, wind, and possible human interaction. They are in touch with the world.

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