Angela Rebrec

A Text In Time Saves Nine
Asemic writing, acrylic and oil, needle and thread on canvas
16 x 12 in. | $150

Threads of Recognition: How To Love From a Distance
Sewing a garment by hand, to darn, or knit requires the use of senses, imagination and heart. To emotionally engage with fabric, to thread a needle or measure a pattern are important steps in creating worn items just as picking up the phone or commenting on a Facebook post engages us with loved ones. When we cannot connect by physical touch, what remains are items that can be shared and handled, artifacts that hearken emotional memories. When words become substitutes for touch, we must become skilled artisans so that we invent new ways to communicate touch. A hand on a shoulder or a quick hug become a Zoom group chat or a lengthy text. Embroidering love with our words will prove to be the new art of our time.

© Angela Rebrec