Ann Quinn

April 16, 2020 Stay Negative And Be Positive
mixed media weaving, crystals, thread, moss, copper wire
72 x 24 x 6 in.

“Stages of Covid 19 , First comes … oh no this is going to take time.
Then comes, oh geez this is going to take years …then I listen to The powers that be, and Panic sets in … We must protect ourselves and my lung diseased husband.

What about Mom she’s stuck in a Assisted living, a room without visitors.

Focus, Do what you can, wash hands, THAT’S IT “DANCE, “WEAVE, THE LOOM FACES OUTSIDE, “DRAW, ITS GETTING DARK OUT, This seems to be working = Face time with Mom, Weave a multicolored n textured weaving which creates rainbows around the living space. Draw just to see what’s going on with myself. Okay breathe. Enjoy your space, stay safe! Love, Ann

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