Felicia Grant Preston

Faith Can Move Mountains
mixed medium on canvas
36 x 40 in.

My work throughout the years has been primarily about touch, especially my larger work. I am a colorist and mixed media artist, using color and texture as a means of expression. Not only does the larger body of my work consist of color and texture, I use my hands to create texture, and blend color. There are larger pieces of my work where I use plaster and paper pulp to create texture, these pieces may take months or even years to complete. Then there are others, which I embed other materials into plaster and /or modeling paste to create more depth and variety.

My work begs to be touched. I often find visitors viewing the exhibition, drawn in by the colors. Their expressions reveal that they long to reach out and touch, though they know that it’s against the rules. In some settings, I may walk up to an observer and invite them to touch. I’m never surprised when they say “yes” or “ I was just thinking about wanting to touch it”. The visceral effect of my work connects with and engages our human need to touch.

© Felicia Grant Preston