Beth Krensky

Float Away (2018)
video; 2’58”
Videography credit Josh Blumental

This kite consists of sewn together articles of my mother’s clothing. I performed the kite in solitude along the shores of the Great Salt Lake where the salinity reminded me of tears. I flew the kite in the axis mundi—the space between earth and heaven—in hopes that the message embroidered on the kite would reach her as a final good-bye. The message reads:

I will release my last
desperate grasp on you dearest Dotty
and allow you to float away.
Loft upward and upward.
Surely you will be welcomed
through the gates of heaven.
You have loved and given
so freely for all of your days.
I love you dearly
and will miss you forever.
Let my life be an example
of your selfless generosity and
ability to see goodness in all.
I’ll see you on the other side.

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© Beth Krensky