Anita Feng

Merging 30 years of ceramic art and 30 years of Zen training, Anita Feng’s raku sculptures embody the immediacy and vitality of in-the-moment meditation. Each sculpture maintains an equal partnership between the three elements of clay, fire, and artist’s intent. Time is another essential component in these pieces. Anita likes to balance parts of a sculpture that are made and finished in a minute, with other parts that take careful, meticulous days-long work.

For far too many years, the iconic images of Buddha have been tied to traditional Asian imagery. Now that meditation and Zen have taken root in spiritual and popular culture, Anita brings these images up to date, again balancing elements of traditional features with new explorations in race, gender, age and conventional beauty. But ultimately each one is a figure of meditation, peace, and equanimity, just as ancient figures of Buddha have always been.

© Anita Feng