Anda Marcu

Garden (2020)
acrylic on stone paper
12 x 9 in.

“My work aims to project memories into shapes and bursts of color, exploring my fascination with texture and form. This work is part of a series revisiting memories made with loved ones whose time is no more. With some memories being fragile and fleeting, this in an attempt of freezing a moment in time. Usually, memories appear blended into each other, with confusing or imagining details and ignoring their chronological adjacency, but in the process of adapting to loss, I found that some memories stand out vividly, with unbelievable accuracy. They become keepsakes.

An evening walk by the ocean, for example. A garden – life in full bloom. Full moon sightings, month after month – also depicted as a measure of time or as a symbol for overlapping lifetimes: mine and the loved ones’ being mourned.”

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© Anda Marcu