Violet Luczak

Milk It For All It’s Worth
hand-painted acrylic on wooden panel
30 x 30 in.

“My work directly aligns with the theme of loss. As an artist and a woman, I am constantly trying to validate my work and my identity. Among my peers, I have always felt belittled as a young woman. It has been inferred time and time again that I don’t have enough experience or knowledge to pursue art as a career. I am constantly battling the voices inside my head that tell me to give up and do something more “reasonable.” As an artist who takes pride in creating works that highlights the power and strength of women, I have an awfully hard time feeling confident in my own abilities, especially among my male counterparts. I feel a “loss” of independence, freedom and authority within my creative sphere. However, there is hope. I choose to take every opportunity to surround myself with other strong women and consistently reflect upon my world views.”

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