Meredith Mays Espino

Duplicity of Perception (2019)
48 x 16 in. (diptych)

“Art is, singularly, the most powerful force in moving culture as art, intentionally or not, aims at the emotional center of the witness to the work. I use my work as an outlet for my frustrations, anger, fears, and joys. I see realism as unnecessary for expression of ideas and emotions. It’s the feeling, the impact, the statement that is important.

I love the juxtaposition of the wool, often viewed as soft, comforting, perhaps even eliciting feelings of home and safety against sometimes harsh, sometimes deceptively beautiful images inspired by a multitude of sources but, primarily, personal turmoil and emotional upheaval. The wool is used to as a bridge, a safe medium, to express unsafe or uncomfortable emotions – as a survivor of multiple traumas – including being a young adult breast cancer and the wife of a cancer survivor. Loss of safety, loss of health, loss of peace, are all expressed here. Loss, whether of emotional or physical, is expressed in the physical process of stabbing the wool to felt it and through the emotional work of creating the images to express what I feel.”

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© Meredith Mays Espino