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Past Exhibition

Wild Cuts

Jul 7—Aug 12, 2017

Juried by Ruby T

About the Exhibition

CHICAGO —Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is proud to present the exhibition ‘Wild Cuts,’ an exploration of collage juried by Ruby T. Simultaneously WMG is hosting ‘Reunion II,’ the second of two group exhibitions featuring work by WMG artist members in celebration of WMG’s 25th Anniversary year.

Cutting, pasting, glitching, and bundling, the artworks in ‘Wild Cuts’ collide to produce a twisting and unstable definition of contemporary collage. Jennifer Koehler mines strangers’ Snapchat accounts (already the most collage-oriented social media platform) to create meta collages highlighting the intersection of irreverent broadcasting and juicy banality that social media facilitates. Françoise Soulé Duressé superimposes paintings and drawings on old 8mm film home movies from Haiti, Benin, and Jamaica, creating narrative video that mixes experimental sounds, constructed languages, and staged performance. The collage strategies in ‘Wild Cuts’ intersect around themes of grief and healing, slippery cultural identities, and fraught interactions with the natural world.

‘Wild Cuts’ includes 22 artists working across a variety of disciplines: Nadine Abdelrahim; Julia Arredondo; Heather Beardsley; Colby Beutel; Rachel Davis; Françoise Soulé Duressé; Kathie Foley-Meyer; Rebecca Griffith; Jennifer Koehler; Verneda Lights; Monica Martinez; Jeffly Gabriela Molina; Liz Moretti; Danielle O’Brien; Naomi Powers; Coral Pereda Serras; Hannah Mitsu Shimabukuro; Anna Showers-Cruser; Eva Skye; Madeline Vaccaro; Kelly Xintaris; Leyi Yang.

Juror: Ruby T

Ruby T is an artist based in Chicago. Her work is an experiment in translating fantasy to reality, and she is fueled by anger, desire, and magic. Through drawing, collage, and object-making, she investigates the stimulating, banal, and often infrastructural as sites of power and exchange: nightclubs, domestic appliances, google image search results, broadcast news, brutalist architecture, sex.

Ruby graduated in 2016 with an MFA from SAIC, and has shown work at Chicago venues including the Back Room at Kim’s Corner Foods, Ballroom Projects, Hyde Park Art Center, ACRE, EXPO, Roman Susan, Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, Woman Made Gallery, and Plaines Project, with a forthcoming two-person exhibition at Roots & Culture in Chicago. For more information visit


The opening reception for ‘Wild Cuts’ is on Friday, July 7, 2017 from 6 to 8 p.m. Works are on display through August 12, 2017.  All events are free and open to the public.

Woman Made Gallery, 685 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60642.

(Banner Image: artwork by Monica Martinez)

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