Yuna Kim

drawing animation (video)

My work is a kind of a game to find myself in a relationship with my mother and me.
My mother is a great woman in a traditional role and hopes that I can become like her. Though my mother nurtures me with infinite love, I have always had an inexpressible void from the guilt I felt when I would not obey her. In my mind, I felt like I was losing myself. This thought eventually led me to study abroad and have some distance from her.

However, even though I came to the USA to become different from my mother, I discovered many unconscious similarities between myself and my mother. Furthermore, I find myself ironically calming down by acting in the same way that she does. These similarities Have made me rethink our relationship. Although her existence threatens my existence in a way as an individual, her presence is the reason why I was born into this world. Thus, my mother makes me think of the reason why I exist. Is a perfect sense of unity possible between my mother and me? Or am I able to be completely different from her? I continuously have such questions about this subtle relationship. Through the looping video works, I want to tell others about the infinite issue of time that is circling in my mind.

© Yuna Kim