Laurie Huff

A Mother’s Work is Never Done
digital photo on canvas
30 x 20 in.

My interest and talents in the arts comes naturally from my mother. An artist herself, she is both my inspiration and my strongest supporter. As a performing artist, I have had an opportunity to travel throughout the country and the world and while traveling, my mother encouraged me to use my camera to tell my stories.

On a recent trip to Kenya on a digital photographic safari, we both had an opportunity to capture images for a traveling exhibition she was organizing for women artists. We were interested in depicting women and their roles in modern culture. What we found, of course, was that women do everything including what may be considered traditionally the man’s role, but often with the unique perspective of motherhood.

From a technical standpoint, I enjoy printing my digital images on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, metal and acrylic.

© Laurie Huff