Whitney Sage

Neighbors (from Homesickness Series)
ink on paper
13.5 x 17.25 in.
NFS (Prints available)

“As a native of the suburban Detroit area, the city’s rich cultural heritage, its relevance the “American way of life” and its increasing cultural relevance with parallels to larger American struggles continually influences both the imagery and content of my work.

Focusing my lens on a personal perspective of urban evolution and its toll on families and neighborhoods, Homesickness Series aims to address more universal issues of loss as related to our relationship with home and the individual and collective stories lost in cycles of urban degradation.

Through the evocation of the home as portrait and domestic object, the works play off issues of psychological loss as related to memory and leaving home, and the nostalgic longing that our separation with our primal “home” and the objects within it creates.”

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