Marcia Santore

Something There
oil on canvas
36 x 48 in.

“As someone who has moved many times, both as a child and as an adult, the concept of “home” is a still a strange one for me. Even now that I have lived in one place for many years, the idea of “home” as a particular place can be hard to wrap my head around. Houses have multiple meanings for me—they are places full of mystery and possibility, suggestive of many potential futures or outcomes. The sense of being alone while together is both familiar and unfamiliar.

The “Inexteriors” series has developed over a number of years and has been inspired by visions of windows through doorways through windows, the patterns of light in interior spaces created by seen or unseen openings, indeterminate interior and exterior spaces, unknown houses seen from within and without, mysterious stairways and hallways and hidden rooms, figures that inhabit (haunt?) those spaces, and the potential for these spaces to tell or conceal multiple, unfolding stories.”

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© Marcia Santore