Tracy Ostmann Haschke

My work reflects activities and moments that might go unnoticed. I am moved by the rewards and challenges characterizing my experience as an urban mother and by my observations of others navigating the contours of city life. My subjects are inspired by people in my life, but also a passing stranger with whom I have only glanced at. Each painting is a “snapshot” of these fragments in time. Considered together, my series blooms into a narrative of our modern family experience.

My work is often representational, a cast of characters pronounced through a style that borders on realism, abstract, and impressionism. A visual narrative unfolds, revealing a satirical and humorous event often reflecting on the various roles people (especially women) play. I work in oils, acrylics, and drawing materials such as charcoal and graphite. Thin layers of color are overlapped, paint is drawn and sketched vigorously across, and up and down as I manipulate the images I see coming through the paint. I am work from rough composition sketches and sometimes photo references. A large mirror is an essential tool throughout my process, allowing me to reference my own features when working with the figure.

Artists who have influenced me throughout my career include Pierre Bonnard, Alice Neel, Max Beckmann, Elmer Bischoff, Joan Mitchell, Gerhard Richter, Isabelle Bishop, and Marlene Dumas.

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