Teddy Pruett

The Betrayal
fiber and embellishments

This quilt was created when I learned that someone I loved and trusted was stealing my possessions and pawning them. Torn between rage and sorrow, I could hardly sew for the tears that were streaming from my eyes. I represent myself with heart ripped apart, visible for all to see. My feelings pour out across the surface of the quilt as free motion text. This quilt had no guidelines for its creation other than to express the feelings I was experiencing at the time.

When I am extremely distraught, I often describe myself as having “barbed wire coming out of my skin.” In my stash was a 1950’s housedress with briar-stitched print that illustrated this perfectly.

I was amazed at how healing the creation of this quilt was. I had to keep it a secret from other family members, so the simple act of slashing fabric and cutting free-hand with no prior drawing or plans was cathartic. This person died on Thanksgiving day, 2004, and I had the peace of knowing that all had been forgiven.

© Teddy Pruett