Nancy Otto

Low Tide 10:42 am (Sea Foam Series)
blown glass
4.5 x 11 x 11 in.

In a period of ten months, my strong, vibrant, outrageous mother faded away and died in my home of cancer. After her death, I would seek a secluded spot on a cliff high above the Pacific Ocean and contemplate the meaning of her life and mine. Mesmerized and comforted by the constant in and out of the water, I noticed the patterns that formed after the waves receded into the ocean.**** The Sea Foam Series developed from that time and those patterns. In this series, I attempt to capture the swirling serenity of the water in glass — its movement and depth — and the fluidity of life, whirling timelessly toward death. I rely on an Italian technique of murrini application to create the endless patterns I saw in the water. The unusual large flying saucer-like and slightly volcanic shapes for this series enhance the vibrancy of the transparent colors. From different angles, the finished pieces repeat and evolve, much like the methodic and yet distinct patterns of the ocean.

© Nancy Otto