Susan Fecho

Decimated Mountain (2013)
collagraph on paper
24 x 18 in.

I am a collector of media and techniques – and strive for integration between collaged papers, fabric, traditionally and digitally produced images. Each medium has its own unique characteristics. In work characterized as “sophisticated elegance,” I continue to be fascinated by the layering and coloration of elements. Layers are left translucent to enhance the textural feel of the surface. Driving the subject choice in my work is historic iconography. I enjoy researching symbols and architectural elements related to culture and genre – and to ponder the content, design, color relationships between them.

Trained as a traditional printmaker, I am intrigued by the richness and variety inherent in varied techniques. Storytelling is at the core of my work, with the sculptural book as a mode of telling stories, expressing feelings, and sharing imagery. Through my work the familiar reappears in unfamiliar configurations; a new sense of significance is imparted to an otherwise everyday object. My creative interests extend beyond the viewed subject, encompassing sculptural elements, allegorical imagery, and whimsical puns. In my work, there are varied layers of material and multiple facets of meaning. (NC)

© Susan Fecho