Sue Camm

glass, mylar, ink, wax
8 x 3 x 3 x 4 in.

Trauma as embodied reflects the bodily experience of the fragmented, the disembodied, and the abject. Destabilized, the traumatized body retreats, although remaining subject to the externalized scrutiny of scientific dissection, psychological dissemination, and analytic and theoretical inquiry. As such, the body ill at ease falls on the outside of the inside articulating [dis]closures of the disembodied proxy to the embodied.

Images of the body in trauma is represented through personal encounter with the discourse of the [dis]abled, the [dis]eased. And the [in]valid, a body no longer self- contained; open, leaking, fragments of the abject. Works submitted embody the disembodied, anatomical fragments are contained as preserves in the salvaged glass mason jars; some filled with water embalm the fragmented moment of trauma. Waxed ‘x-ray’ boxes are backlight, articulated graphite drawings enclose the rupture of the abject, illuminating the broken, often agonized body, the body subject of external or internalized trauma. The trajectory of work represented is the production and/or the determinate of the inflicted body and the internalized spaces that trauma occupies.

© Sue Camm