Stephanie Lerma

She Kept Her Head and Her Jewelry: Anne of Cleves (2017)
hand-made steel chain mail, pate de verre cast glass, pearls
16 x 10 x 2 in.

I: make accumulate repeat transform tell.
It is: constant urgent unavoidable abundant survival purposeful work.
I feel: fear panic pain release surrender joy.

Much of the work I am most compelled to create is specific to issues of gender and class and the ways that text, visual symbols and narrative become the skin(s) we inhabit. I am intrigued by the evolving of social constructs and self redefinition; intrigued by the challenges of changing existing narratives and doing it visually. Whatever the method and medium of production, I am a process driven maker of things – a tactile storyteller. Making is what I do – and like breathing, necessary. (NM)

© Stephanie Lerma