Cynthia J. Lee

Time Travel
oil, cold wax, pastels on wood panel
22 x 28 in.

Change is a powerful force in today’s world. We are bombarded with new information and technologies at a dizzying pace. Yet our primal human instincts remain. We often react to change with fear and tribalism. My art explores the complex interplay between our basic human nature and our “new normal.” I have many questions: Do we feel more isolated despite our constant social media connections? Do we find it harder to determine what is real or true? Can we fully experience an event if we are busy recording it in a photo or video? How do we define community in an era of echo chambers and polarization? Do we experience time differently inside a continual state of flux? My abstract paintings are an avenue for me to delve into these questions and the feelings they elicit. (IL)

© Cynthia J. Lee