Sharon Harper

acrylic, paper, pastel, canvas
26 x 26 in.

I have been painting for over twenty years about my personal narrative. This process of creating images that can make communication more succinct has been a valuable tool to make the important human connections throughout my life. Thinking about the process of making my feelings visual began as poetry when I was young and evolved into paintings in my adult years. Through this work I have found repeated connections with friends, family, and visitors to my exhibitions.

My work is an on going personal narrative. Most recently I have become increasingly conscious of my aging process and how my body and thoughts are changing. My paintings begin to reflect this process with the inclusion of layers of translucent paint where one image is intertwined and dependent on another. This process allows for the multiple thoughts or feelings to be synchronous and affect one another allowing memory or ephemeral thoughts to read simultaneously. This work reflects my consciousness of the physical and mental body, and the permutations and solidity of both. My search for self-knowledge is ongoing and looking at all of my interior and exterior relationships are part of this process.

© Sharon Harper