Shaina Craft

All The World Is Here To Look At Me
diptych, oil on canvas
40 x 64 in.

Dear Earth,

Your hills and lakes and valleys mimic my own.
We swell and sway and sink in time,
Spinning, winded, thrown.
And yet our beauty reaches the sublime.
We thrust out tangled limbs and grasping hands,
Seek nourishment, transcendency.
Stretch out our grassy mouths and gasping lands,
Search the skies for resplendency.
Although we are impermanent we are strong,
Imbued with truth and power.
This fantastical place lasts but a day long
And changes by the hour.
And yet dear Earth, we outlive and outlast,
Destined to flourish, interconnect, and contrast.

© Shaina Craft