Patricia DaRif

Imbalance: Algae Bloom In The Great Lakes
cotton and silk fabric, paper
34 x 67 in.

Dear Earth,

I fear for you. I know we have failed you. I see severe environmental changes occurring with increasing speed all around us and know that we have been achingly slow in our efforts to halt and reverse these changes. The work I have submitted for this show deals with the effects of climate change on the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Erie, within which watershed I live. Sometimes I have to start with the problems close to home because the totality of the issue is overwhelming. Yet I do know that we are all in this together and that a problem in one area affects all other areas. I pray and hope that all of us will quickly come to understand this present and future reality and put our combined intelligence, ingenuity, and desire for the common good to work. Our children are watching.

© Patricia DaRif