Sève Favre

Variable Geometry (2019)
mixed media on paper and canvas
31.5 x 31.5 x 1.5 in.

In my artworks, I concentrate on transcending the classical boundary between the work of art and the viewer. I invite the spectator to create from my work. My goal is to enable him to understand the research and questioning that an artist asks himself during the process of experimentation and creation.

My works are mostly built on canvas because it is a classic medium. Among the materials I prefer, paper occupies an important place because it is flexible and part of a vast tradition. The choice of techniques is varied; however, I have a predilection for mixed media processes.

Each painting, although unique, contains several paintings because each modification made by the spectator induces a new work. This is why some paintings are compared with their combinatorial mathematical calculation so that the viewer realizes the multiple component of a work of art.

Today in this special time, I also recognized something very impressive and moving for me as an artist. All the concepts on which I have been working in my artworks and my installations for years suddenly, taken on a huge importance and reality: concepts, questions and experiments about borders, touch, visible and hidden, construction, destruction, reconstruction, interaction, real and virtual, fragility,… and value and understanding of all of this in our lives.

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