Selene Sepsey

Stand Firm Stand Tall
oil on board
24 x 24 in.

We seek beauty and truth. When we open our eyes and hearts to it, it is nature – both geographic and human ­ that best gives us what we want.

My landscapes embrace the personality specific to every region. They encompass the local form and color and become playful meditations of the earth, luminous pictorials of passing cycles of time.

They suggest humanity as well. We see ourselves in the hills, in the greens, in the browns, the reds and blues, in the weight of gravity and the reach toward light. We envelope the beautiful and the sublime, from the earth, to the earth, we are human nature.

Painted in the studio, they are as much about our own internal dimensions as they are the vast, outward beauty, meditations.

I believe nature best holds the promise to strengthen and enlarge the spirit of individuals.

It is the land that provides the tireless newness, the changing, yet ultimately changeless connection that ties one generation to the next. Observation, feeling, expression, one generation handing on to another that which goes beyond death. Space, not of the eye alone, but also the space of the heart, is the benediction that guides the soul into creation, where all humans connect and spark the regeneration of the earth.

© Selene Sepsey