Sarah Sipling

Protest (print) 10
collage with lithograph and monoprint
17 x 22 in.

A series of digital, silkscreen and mixed media prints, Protest (Print) questions today’s many political issues and feelings of fear and exclusion. In these prints I use collage methods, with many layers of different types of printmaking, from digital to silkscreen and lithography, to create physically layered prints that address the multiple ways that changes within the government impact our country as a whole and the well-being of the person as an individual. I believe that a physically ripped and glued collage represents the sense of piecing together the truth, discarding the “alternative facts” and “fake news.” I believe the layers and collage method also represent the fragmented and partisan society and how the feelings of fear and exclusion can be overwhelming.

I am currently looking into the role of the people in creating change within the government and within society, and how protests have played a role, historically and currently, in speaking up, in demanding change. A never-ending sea of protests, from climate change awareness, to women’s rights, to immigrants’ rights become layers within this print. Landscape is referenced, representing the overall beauty and physicality of this country and its ideals. As I question the current dangerous and destructive political narrative, I look for positive elements and the possibility of protests, of change.

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