Durba Sen

Our Time is Now (2019)
acrylic on canvas
30 x 24 in.

We, The People of Color (2018)
acrylic on canvas
30 x 20 in.

A contemporary abstract artist, my paintings explore color, texture and shapes in my journey through life. Being an immigrant, a woman and a person of color—my life and views here in the U.S have changed and evolved over time. From the idea of coming to a land of opportunities to seeing the attack on women’s rights, on the Constitution, on black, colored and indigenous people, the price and value of a person’s life, the debasing of the country’s values, the fight for basic health care for all—the issues have and are exploding and overwhelming us all! The fight for basic survival in a free land is stark and the call is now or never!

I could not stay silent and be a passer by—it has kept me awake at night, and I did one of the primary things an artist does best. I painted some of these issues close to my heart to help bring attention to the attack on our democracy and civil rights.

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