Sarah Schneiderman

Name Something Yellow #10 (Daffodil) (7/8/20)
found and recycled materials and everyday trash
12.5 x 15.5 in.

The planet is reeling from global climate change, plastic pollution, and a virulent pandemic. Racial tensions are high. People are edgy, depressed, hurt, and scared. By physically distancing, we are feeling disconnected from one another. In this time of great pain and loss, beauty is more important than ever. Yet, remembering what’s hurting the planet remains essential. My work is an exploration into connecting through social media, questioning our use of disposable products, and comforting us as we experience ongoing losses due to COVID-19, police brutality, and an ineffective and authoritarian government.

While air pollution and seismic activity are dropping, the amount of disposable waste is increasing. In a time of crisis, it is hard to pay attention to how much single-use plastic I’m consuming. I found myself with a pile of yellow cracker wrappers and red plastic plates I can’t recycle. With the help of social media network, I developed a list of yellow and red objects that I used as my subject matter.

In transforming trash into objects of beauty, I am investigating how to change our relationship to garbage while generating visual displays that soothe the mourning soul.

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