Meredith Schroeder

Night Garden
oval hoop, fabric, felt, wool, embroidery floss
9.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 in.

I learned about gardening from my mother. She picked up some of her knowledge of flowers from her mother, my grandmother. Flowers and plants remind me of them. My grandmother has passed away, and I now live states away from my mom. Gardening takes time, nurturing, and observing living things. One is building relationships with the plants and the soil in which they are growing.

Things look different now. It is like looking at a familiar room, but the lights have been turned off and your eyes are still adjusting. I work in a therapeutic setting with older adults, loss is part of that work. Loss of independence, loss of friends and family, and eventually grief and death. The world we live in now is changing rapidly every day. Sometimes with the loss of something old, you gain something new. People focus on so much we’re missing, but what is there that we have gained?

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