Sarah O’Neil


The Five Stages of Grief

Denial/Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Grief does not occur in textbook stages, it is as a quiet storm. Always brewing, sometimes arriving without notice, a storm has the ability to take out many people on its path of destruction. My recent experience with grief and trauma has been critically life altering. I remain unable to speak of much else, to make work of other topics. Losing my partner so unexpectedly, and at such a young age has been paralyzing like nothing else I can imagine. I use my practice to voice my experience, to demonstrate how I feel when words do not seem capable or up to the task. Illuminating others of the unthinkable fear, the unbearable pain, and the journey of making it back to the world of the living. When there is no readily available language to do so, I find myself here. I am still waiting for the latter, though my art is the way that I chose to be led back.

© Sarah O’Neil