Louise Pappageorge

crochet, copper patina, metal leaf
33 x 67 x 6 in.

I work across materials and classifications, moving beyond the traditional uses of lace, crochet and weaving. Some are found pieces of lace and crochet and others are newly created. It is the feminized craft shifted into the role of object. I enjoy being present and contemporary to interpretation, but the work is as ancient as time. My mediums of expression continually illuminate the shadowy truth and power of the innate strength of women generally and over time. The technique always remains circular and repetitive, much the same as the distaff work always expected of the feminine role.

This latest series is a cohesion, the dual nature of the masculine and feminine, intention to process and form working to transcend methods and materials. Traditional textile techniques are re- purposed and combined with wire, and metallic surfaces that are reminiscent of the masculine use of raw materials. They are structural, strong and dense but preserve and reflect their genesis, lineage and origins; the soft, pliable, penetrable and organic. Patinas indicate age and change; the marking of time. They are molded, evolved in scale, changing with the light and creating shadows, the feminized craft transformed into the role of fine art and sculpture.

© Louise Pappageorge