Sara Peak Convery

We Are Failing As We Are Falling
pencil & latex on paneling
48 x 48 in.

“I share the loss of an idea of living in a reasonable country. I had had my doubts for awhile but the current White House resident and the pandemic have left me feeling bereft in a different way than cancer did. I did not imagine that the fear and hate were so ingrained and readily resurrected.

The loneliness of my cancer journey three years ago has somewhat paled in comparison, though it did take place with the backdrop of malfeasance on a national level. The loss I felt during cancer (diagnosed a few days before my 50th birthday) was a recognition of my mortality. The world did continue on without me, and I tried as hard as I could to participate. In the current climate, it feels like the United States in particular has shutdown on a psychic and emotional level.”

© Sara Peak Convery