Salma Taman

Home, Is In His Arms (2020)
acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 in.

Home, this artist finds, is not a place but rather a feeling. After moving to a new place in 2019, Salma Taman was left feeling uprooted and unable to turn her new house into a real home. As the country shut down and staying home became the new normal, Salma realized that she will always be home as long as long as she has her family.

This piece is a tribute to the artist’s husband who has constantly been her anchor throughout her life. The piece depicts a woman in the arms of a man, she’s in black and he’s in white; resembling the balance of a Yin-Yang symbol. A rose blooms out of the dark vacuum signifying the disappearance of her insecurities as the vacuum is overtaken by love, beauty and growth.

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